Founded in 1986

Deluxe Technologies was established to help companies develop products from conceptual models to short-run manufacturing.

Wide range of experience

We have extensive expertise in Model Making; Precise, Complex Machining; Rapid Prototyping and Tooling.

Enhancing performance

As part of our design review process we work directly with you on ways to enhance product performance, reliability and cost reduction


Vacuum Casting

Deluxe Technologies has also developed some very innovative processing and material selection methods to simulate material properties by dialing in the urethane formulation to simulate the intended production material. Vacuum casting is a casting process using a vacuum to draw liquid material into the mold.
We also have access to SLS and SLA’s to allow the silicon molds to be developed. Recently, more and more development has been achieved allowing this process to support the lighting table top models and IP center finish table top models. We challenge any trained eye to pick the prototype from the production part.


Machined ABS

Machining ABS blocks is a process for creating plastic prototypes using production quality material. Material is cut away from a solid block with CNC machines to create your design to use as a functional prototype. Experience has shown that parts more often than not have a better surface when produced through CNC machining than when made by additive manufacturing processes.


Model Making

With our 30 plus years experience in the Model Making arena, Deluxe Technologies offers high quality services to the industry. Our attention to detail from class a surface prove out bucks, to table top models, quarter models, master patterns to fully integrated lighting models. The best way to describe what we do is for you to view the images presented of previous models and see for yourselves.


RIM Tooling

RIM Tooling (Reaction Injection Molding) is a process where two liquid materials are brought together in a mix head and injected into a single or multi-cavity Tool that can be made of aluminum or high temp epoxy. These two materials undergo an exothermic (heat generating) chemical reaction within the mold into the specific shape tooled into the mold and become the thermoset material Polyurethane.
RIM tooling costs are significantly less than that of an injection mold. As the RIM process incorporates low temperatures and low mold temperatures and pressure, the tool can be made from lesser expensive mold materials. With this in mind, working prototypes can be developed with shorter lead times. The RIM process is ideal for production runs of less than 5,000 parts.


Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is a very economical method for producing plastic parts. The vacuum forming process can produce parts in various configurations in small and large quantities that is very cost effective.
This process involves the controlled heating of plastic materials to a temperature where it is flexible enough to be altered by the shape of a mold with the help of the vacuum. The mold can be made of wood, fiberglass/epoxy or aluminum. In this method, the heated plastic sheet is forced against the mold by the air pressure differential created by pulling a vacuum between the sheet and the mold.



We have established a “fast to market” design pipeline that allows the client to experience game changing simultaneous engineering.

As we change a surface we are able to run CAE studies and truly optimize the end solution, saving our clients time, money and investment.

    • Significant time reductions
    • Real-time solutions
    • Reduced mass
    • Improved performance
    • CAS Computer Aided Styling
    • CAD Computer Aided Design
    • CAE Computer Aided Engineering
Combining the latest technology with hands-on experience.

We can machine virtually any material.

Using state-of-the-art CNC software and equipment and extensive experience, Deluxe Technologies can quickly machine, master patterns and finished parts directly from your CAD data. We can machine virtually any material – from foam & tooling board to plastic and metals.


Our software pipeline at Deluxe allows us the luxury to accept almost any type of 3D math data. With the software we have in house, we are able to work with your software and get it into our pipeline seamlessly. We really view ourselves as software agnostic when it comes to our customers 3D data.

    • Catia V5
    • NX 9.0
    • SolidWorks 2018
    • Rhino Cad 6.0
    • PlayWorks
    • PC DMIS
    • WorkNC
    • Meshworks
    • Nastran


Lighting Design and Model

Best-in-class service.

Deluxe has been extremely progressive with the lighting master model area for the past few decades. We have developed some very innovative ways to execute a best-in-class service and master model product offering for Exterior and Interior based lighting models. Working closely with our clients over this period we have perfected our processes to execute some stunning models that not only look great, are dimensionally solid, they also represent the complete working properties so designers and engineers can make informed decisions proir to kicking off production tools.

More innovation

In recent times we have further developed our lighting Model making with our inhouse lighting Design product offering. We have in essence bolstered our resources to offer up more innovation and collaborate directly with our clients and the lighting sub-components suppliers to help develop new and leading edge solutions. The lighting vertical as we all know has started to evolve significantly and our OE partners and Tier 1’s are looking for signature lighting, while we have the answers and are wiling to collaborate on a project basis to help develop that solution and forge a “win-win.”


3D Scanning

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Our Laser scanner plays a key role in quality assurance. 3D digital capture of shapes and surfaces using lasers is an effortless and precise process. The industry uses laser scanners primarily for the quality control of geometries and surface, but also for reverse engineering, fit and finish, and assembly applications.


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We have one CMM bed machine equipped with the Renishaw PH20 5 axis head. By minimizing CMM structure movement through the use of unique ‘head touches’ , both CMM accuracy and throughput are improved. Using the extremely rapid rotary motion of the PH20 5-Axis probe head, points can be taken faster, with improved accuracy and repeatability.
Typical speed increases can result in a 3-fold reduction in cycle time!

Romer Arm

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We also offer the Romer Absolute Arm 7-Axis SI with an integrated 3D scanner which is factory calibrated and certified to B89 specifications. With our portable measuring capabilities, we are able to take measurements directly in the manufacturing environment, where process improvements are the most beneficial. 3D Scanning Our Laser scanner plays a key role in quality assurance. 3D digital capture of shapes and surfaces using lasers is an effortless and precise process. The industry uses laser scanners primarily for the quality control of geometries and surface, but also for reverse engineering, fit and finish, and assembly applications.


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